Madonna's Mercy Will Join Her On Tour



Madonna’s new little girl, Mercy James Ciccone, has some big changes to get used to.  New family, new home, new surroundings and she’ll just get comfortable with all of that, and it’ll be time to hit the road!

Mercy, who recently arrived in London from Malawi, will join her mom on her Sticky and Sweet tour later this year.  They’ll be in Britain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Hungary and Israel.  Wow, that’s a lot of traveling for a little one!

A source said, “Madonna is so happy to have all her children around her and for Mercy to be finally with them.

“It’s been a long difficult process to go through and she’s faced quite a bit of negativity along the way for her decisions.  But she said, ‘My family is finally complete, we’re all together at last.’  It was a beautiful moment.”

The insider added, “She is over the moon that Mercy is with her.  Madonna sees this as a new chapter in her life.  She has all her children around her now, and feels she’s really moved on from the divorce.”

What do you think of Madonna for taking Mercy on tour?  Do you think it’s too much too soon for the little girl?  Or will she have had enough time to adjust to her new life?


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