Madonna's Taking Mercy Back To Malawi


Madonna and MercyMadonna must be trying to get away from the pending lawsuit against her, because she’s heading to Malawi with Mercy.

She’s taking Mercy to see her father, James Kambewa, next week in an effort to include him in her life. She wants the two of them to bond now that she is a little bit older.

A source said, “Madonna wants Mercy to learn all about her culture and the community where she was born. She realizes her kids need a sense of home and she’s determined to do all she can to give that to them. She doesn’t want to deny Mercy anything in life and that includes meeting her dad if that’s possible.”

Mercy is four and she, along with her adoptive brother David Banda, will be able to take part in all things Malawian as they grow up.

Even though they had such a crazy start to their family, it seems like they are all happy now and thriving in their new circumstances.