Mady & Cara Gosselin Turn 9: Daddy Buys Them A Laptop & ATV?!



Mady and Cara Gosselin turned nine on Thursday, October 8, and although their parents, Jon and Kate Gosselin are in the middle of a not-so-nice divorce, things went OK for the girls.  And what did their dad purchase for their special day?

Apparently, according to sources, Jon bought Mady a laptop and Cara got an ATV.  OK, a laptop, totally good gift, but an ATV…all-terrain vehicle?  For a nine-year-old?  Um, not a good gift.

The ATV is scheduled to be delivered within the next few days.  Yikes.

Although Jon and Kate managed to keep things civil for their kids, Mady became upset at the end of the festivities when her dad had to leave.

That’s so sad.  Those kids have been through so much in just a few short months since their parent’s split.

Hopefully, the girls had a special day!

Happy Birthday.