Make It Or Break It Recap: Vampires Are Everywhere!


make it or break it premiereMake It Or Break was back tonight on ABC Family.  In the opening sequence, all I could think of was really??? Do we need vampires everywhere? Even on Make It Or Break It?

At least in this case, the vampires were just a part of Kaylie’s weird dream that she was describing in group therapy in rehab for her eating disorder.

That bizarre trick of trying to cash in on vampire popularity aside, here’s what’s new with the girls of Make It Or Break It:

Emily is on probation for stealing her brother’s pills.  She had to wear an ankle tracker to go to a gymnastics exhibition. When it was revealed, she confessed what she had done and apologized for letting everyone down.

Lauren continued to be mad at her father for keeping her mother from her. She also threw herself at the new boy on the show. By the end, she had moved back in with her father.

Payson wants Sasha back and finds a possible love interest in the cute boy that Lauren was throwing herself at earlier in the show.

Kaylie is in rehab for her eating disorder and finds a friend in her roommate, who is a model. Her roommate promises to help her fake her way out of rehab, with the girls agreeing that they just need to be thin for their careers.

What did you think of the Make It Or Break It premiere?

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