Malcolm McDowell Just Wants Stability


malcolm_mcdowellMalcolm McDowell has three little boys Beckett, Finnian and Seamus. Their names are adorable, right? He recently took his 8-month-old to see Halloween 2, yikes! I guess he slept through the whole thing, so I’ll forgive him.

He says that he’s at the point in his life, “where you’d rather stay home and just have a little more stability instead of going off [to film a movie]. It’s always weird. I’ve got these young kids now, these boys, and they hate it when dad leaves. So, I have to explain it all, and there’s wailing when I get in the car to leave. It’s horrible.”

Malcolm has had a long career and now tries to take his kids on location, but says it’s sometimes hard.

He says his goal is to have stability for his boys and is looking at a TV career as a launching point for that stability. He’s had recent supporting roles on “Heroes” and “Entourage”.

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