Malia And Sasha Obama Become Honorary Park Rangers (Video)


obamas-grand-canyonOn their recent trip through the western states, the First Family stopped off for a day at Grand Canyon National Park, where the First Daughters enjoyed a fast-tracked Jr. Rangers training program.

The family toured the big crack in the ground for a few hours, but they apparently didn’t budget enough time for a hike or a rafting adventure. Bummer.

You’d think it would be fun to be the First Family, but I bet the schedule gets old real quick. You fly to the Grand Canyon, peak over the side for a few minutes and then it’s back to Air Force One.

Apparently, the Prez pulled some strings with the Department of the Interior and got his kids on the accelerated program. By the end of their tour, Malia was given the title of honorary Scorpion while Sasha earned honorary Coyote status. Dude, I want to be an honorary rattlesnake.

Check out this weird fashion commentary on this video clip. What’s up with that?