Malinda Sapp Funeral Paid Tribute to Marvin Sapp's Late Wife (Video)

malinda sapp funeral tribute memorial serve homegoing service
Malinda Sapp's funeral was attended by thousands of mourners

The MaLinda Sapp funeral service was held today at the Resurrection Life Church, where more than 2,000 mourners gathered to pay tribute to the late wife of gospel singer Marvin Sapp.

MaLinda Sapp died last week, following a struggle with colon cancer. At the time, a tremendous outpouring of prayers and kind words were passed to Marvin Sapp and his family for their loss; a church gathering to remember MaLinda followed. Pastors, local officials and gospel music artists attended MaLinda Sapp’s funeral to pay tribute at the four hour “Homegoing Service.”

The Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke at MaLinda Sapp’s memorial service, saying, “This is a test of our faith…we are pained in the transition, but we rejoice in the destination.”

Marvin Sapp sang “Here I Am,” two of Sapp’s children read the poem “Footprints in the Sand,” and a number of gospel singers performed in tribute to MaLinda Sapp.

Rev. Marvin L. Winans noted that “over a hundred thousand people are watching this service online,” as MaLinda’s funeral was streamed online.

Gospel star Marvin Sapp and his children pay tribute to wife MaLinda
MaLinda Sapp funeral: Her mother’s tribute


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