Malinda Sapp's Death: Outpouring of Prayers, Love for Marvin Sapp

malinda sapp death marvin sapp colon cancer
Condolences to Marvin Sapp for the loss of his wife, Malinda

News of Malinda Sapp’s death today has led to an outpouring of prayers and love for Marvin Sapp, whose wife passed away after battling colon cancer.

Marvin Sapp’s wife, Malinda Sapp, died today due to complications related to colon cancer. Marvin Sapp, a gospel singer/songwriter and pastor, was married to Malinda Sapp for 15 years; they have three children.

Malinda Sapp was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer last year, underwent treatment and was cancer free, but the cancer resurfaced again this year.

Malinda was a psychologist and college professor, but also contributed to Pastor Sapp’s Lighthouse Full Life Center Church as the Administrative Pastor.

Malinda Sapp’s passing has brought out so many words of love and support, as many fans are offering up their condolences and prayers to Marvin Sapp over the loss of his wife.

An outpouring of comments on blog posts and on Twitter show the impact that the Sapps have had on the world – Malinda’s death is a huge loss.


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