'Man Vs. Wild' Dad Bear Grylls Worries His Kids Will Take After His Daredevil Stunts


bear grylls, man vs wild
Bear Grylls is nervous that he is influencing his children with dangerous behaviors.


Man Vs. Wild star Bear Grylls‘ son, Jesse, 7, is considered a hero as he saved a girl from drowning. But, Bear is secretly worried Jesse and his siblings Marmaduke, 5, and Huckleberry, 2, are too influenced by his daredevil stunts on TV.

He tells the Daily Mail, “Their headmaster took me aside and said, ‘It’s great that they might know how to take the door off a helicopter and deal with a snake bite, but it would be really great if they focused a little more on the mathematics.’ I’m kind of feeling that at the moment.”

“For a long time, I never wanted them to be too aware of what I do. I relaxed that when all their friends were talking about me in the playground, and they were the only ones not to have seen (my show). But getting the balance right is hard.”

What does Bear want his kids to grow up to be? Not him, that’s for sure! “Do I want them to grow up to be me? No, actually. I’m unemployable in the real world. I don’t want that for them.”

[Photo via PR Photos.]

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