Marc Anthony Opens Up on Kids & J-Lo


Marc Anthony is opening up about his divorce to Jennifer Lopez.  The singer shared his feelings with ABC reporter John Quinones in a two part interview. (Part One aired this morning on Good Morning America, and if you missed that, be sure to tune into Part Two tonight on Nightline).  And Max and Emme, his three year old twins, are foremost on his mind.  He told Quinones, “I’m always going to be the Daddy.”  Now, Anthony does know quite a bit about being the daddy, and about breaking up.  In total, he has five children with three different women.

And it looks like all of his break-ups have taught him a thing or two.  He has nothing but complimentary things to say about J-Lo, telling ABC, ” Jennifer’s a wonderful, wonderful woman, a wonderful mother, a wonderful friend you know.”  How many happily married men do you know who describe their wives so lovingly??!  If this first interview is any indication,  the Anthony/Lopez split will be divorce  a la Demi and Bruce.  All love and friendship and kids first.  P.S. Anthony’s also denying the rumors of infidelity on his part.  He claims the divorce was nothing “sensationalistic,”  and was merely a “mutual decision.”

So about Max and Emme, just what are Anthony’s plans to make life smooth?  More of the same schedule they already know.  Being with one parent is nothing unusual in their household, as both Anthony and Lopez would often travel for work.  Anthony also adds that he and Jennifer have always worked hard to connect with the twins whenever they had to be away from home, with constant phone calls.  Sounds like he has a plan.  Let’s see if this divorce stays super friendly.

Photo credit:  Pacific Coast News