Marc Anthony Says Twins May Be Performers, Like Mom J-Lo


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J-Lo and hubby Marc might have two showbiz kids on their hands.

Did you know what your three-year-old might be when she grows up?

Marc Anthony says he thinks he has a grasp on what his twins might be, and it looks like they might follow their superstar parents, he says.

With Jennifer Lopez as a mom and Marc Anthony for a dad, they will likely grow up singing and performing. So what does Marc see them doing?

I think Emme is going to be a singer, and Max he’s probably going to be a manager or bodyguard. Emme sings to soothe herself. You put her in the room and you hear it from the other room. It’s quite something to witness.

And it looks like little Emme already takes after her mom’s stylish behavior: ‘I don’t who she came out like, but she has five changes [of clothes] a day, mani-pedis…’, said the proud papa.

Through all his working, he admits that he doesn’t get as much time with them as he’d like to, and that work-life balance is difficult, even for celebrities:

I been working so much I’m always asking Jen, ‘Are they calling me Uncle Marc yet?’. But we’re really, really enjoying them.


Image: Pacific Coast News

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