Marc Anthony's Son IS Going To Be A Football Player


JLo Marc Anthony

You might expect JLo and Marc Anthony to push their kids towards a music career, since it’s what they both know best, but according to Marc, he’s got other plans. To ensure that his son (and maybe his daughter too) gets a shot at NFL glory, he bought a stake in the Miami Dolphins.

From an NFL press conference:

“There’s no question that my son Max is going to be a linebacker of some sort,” he said at an NFL press conference in NYC Tuesday. “He’s showing more promise every day!

“I think that the twins… Well, Max, anyway, has a good shot!”

Wow. Talk about high expectations. After that press conference, Marc comes off sounding like a real old school dad.

None of that ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ BS… Marc has even narrowed down what position his 1 and 1/2 year-old son will play. As they say: you got to start ’em young.

No word on if Marc will pressure his daughter Emme to play football too, but I’m thinking she looks like she’d make a heck of a tight end. With her mom’s looks, she could probably get a starting spot in the Lingerie Football League (yes it’s for real) — if it’s still around.