Marc Jacobs Joining the Plus Size Movement


Recently there has been a lot of debate as to what kind of message designers would be sending by adding plus size pieces to their upcoming lines, but for Marc Jacobs’ business partner Robert Duffy, the message is clear. Over the weekend Duffy voiced his opinion via Twitter stating that, “We gotta do larger sizes. I’m with you.”

It’s about time someone jumped on this bandwagon.

As a culture, we have focused our attention so closely on the idea of losing weight that we seem to have lost sight of the most important message of all: being healthy. I understand that size is linked to health, but we must not forget that one does not define the other. We should be encouraging our children to be healthy, and accepting whatever size and shape that comes with it.

So what if, for the life of me, I cannot fit my rear end into a pair of size 4 ultra skinny jeans? Should I give up and resort to wearing a burlap sack to romp around the city? Please. The fact that designers are including plus sizes in their lines is both wonderful and long overdue.

As for Marc Jacobs, we may see plus size additions hitting stores within the next year. Duffy Tweets, “I’m on it! It will take me about a year. But stay with us.”

Photo: Pacific Coast News