Marcia Cross Doesn't Return Phone Calls


fp_1971053_marcia_cross_and_kids_play_on_santa_monica_pierIf you’ve called Marcia Cross in the last three years and she hasn’t gotten back to you, don’t take it personally. She’s not ignoring you, she’s got twins.  The Desperate Housewives star jokes that she’s so busy with three-year-old fraternal twin girls  Eden and Savannah that she still owes phone calls from years ago.  And she also says she’s “sneaky” when it comes to feeding her finicky daughters, and is representing a new product because of it.

One of her daughters only likes pasta and carbs, so she has to sneak in the fruits and veggies. In the vein, she’s signed on as spokesperson for Mott’s Medleys, a fruit juice that contains extra fruits and veggies. Along with Mott’s, Cross is supporting Kaboom, an organization that builds children’s playgrounds to foster physical activity.

No wonder she doesn’t have time to return calls.

Source: People