Marcus Dupree: Where Is The Former Schoolboy Star Now?

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Marcus Dupree: Where is the schoolboy football star now?

On ESPN’s “30 for 30″ last night, the network focused on Marcus Dupree, the high school phenom who never quite lived up to his football potential in college or beyond. He was an unbelievable prospect and had so much pressure on him at a young age. As a freshman in high school in Philadelphia, Miss., in 1978, he could run a 4.4 40, and the first time he ever touched the ball in a game, he ran for a 75-yard touchdown. So where is Marcus Dupree now?

Turns out he’s helping BP with the oil spill cleanup in his home state. He got involved because he’s in the construction business. He is also hoping to help resurrect the USFL, the league he played in briefly as a pro, and dabbling in the show horse business, between spending time with his family.

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