Marcus Jordan — Like Father Like Son! Watch His Dunk Video!

Marcus Jordan Dunks Like His Famous Dad!

Marcus Jordan might have some big shoes to fill being the son of Michael Jordan, but in a clip that made SportsCentre Top 10, Marcus Jordan shoes us that he’s filling those shoes just fine!

The clip shows the younger Jordan slam dunking just like his father and impressing the sportscasters with his dunking skills! Marcus also took to his twitter account to announce that he had made the SportsCentre Top 10 list;

Check this video out — Marcus Jordan Dunk on SportsCenter Top 10 via @youtubeHe then proceeded to twit pic a few pictures of his various pairs of sneakers for all of his followers who have been asking! He then tweeted;

There you go sneaker heads!! Happy thanksgiving!!! And Happy thanksgiving to everybody! Have fun! And be safe!!

Wow, I’m pretty sure that we shouldn’t be surprised that he’s such a great basketball player, but it’s always kind of cool when you can see a sports legend’s child shine on their own. Check out Marcus Jordan’s slam dunk in the video below!