Margaret Cho Voted Off DWTS: The Samba That Got Her Sent Home (VIDEO)

margaret cho dancing with the stars
Margaret Cho was the third contestant voted off DWTS

With her parents cheering her on, comedian and actress Margaret Cho was the third contestant voted off Dancing with the Stars. She was extraordinarly gracious and thankful, and one gets the sense she truly gave it her all. DWTS showed a short flashback of her time on the show, and one clip was particularly heartbreaking: she shared that she took ballet as a child but gave up dancing altogether when she overheard someone remark, “That’s the fattest ballerina I’ve ever seen.”

Take a look at her samba, the last as a contestant on DWTS (not counting the obligatory slow dance after a star gets booted). Margaret Cho, we hardly even knew ye. I bet the best was yet to come given the chance.

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