Maria Menounos Bikini Malfunction: Leave Maria Menounos Alone!

maria menounos bikini malfunction
Maria Menounos Bikini Malfuction Causes A Stir

Maria Menounos had a bikini malfunction while taking a dip in the ocean in Florida…and the poor girl had no clue that her bikini bottom had shifted in the surf. There are now pictures all over the internet of Maria Menounos in a black bikini in the ocean…with a little bit extra sticking of the bottoms, if you catch my drift.

It’s bad enough that Maria Menounos was caught in such a compromising position in her bikini…but the fact that the pictures are now being posted online is a hundred times worse. Don’t you think it would be common courtesy to leave Maria Menounos alone?

Seriously, the Maria Menounos bikini malfunction could have happened to anyone. Shouldn’t we spare her any more embarrassment? Those photos need to be taken down.

Photo: PRPhotos