Maria Shriver Shops For L.A. Home For The Kids


maria shriver, maria shriver arnold schwarzenegger
Maria Shriver is looking to move out with her children.

Maria Shriver reportedly looked at pricey L.A. condos this past January, 4 months before the Arnold Schwarzenegger baby scandal broke. Appararently she was looking for a new home to share with her children and protect them from media scrutiny.

It looks as though Arnold told Maria about his affair right after leaving the governor’s office on January 3.

Shriver specifically looked at The Carlyle on Wilshire, a pricey condo building near UCLA that has such tenants as Bruce Willis, Sofia Vergara, and Matt Kemp.

But Maria felt the building was too exposed to the paparazzi and is still on the hunt for the perfect home for her and her children.

Do you think Maria and her children should be moving out or staying and working on her marriage? Is this the best move for the children?

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]