Maria Shriver Takes Son Patrick Schwarzenegger School Shopping


It’s good to know Maria Shriver really is just like the rest of us. Son Patrick, 17, tweeted from Staples office supply store, “Back to school shopping. I’m tired so @Maria Shriver is pushing me around.” That’s right, Patrick jumped into the shopping cart with all his school supplies while mom Maria pushed the cart!  So just how is Maria like the rest of us? First, she’s shopping at Staples for school supplies with what looks like a list.  Not particularly an intuitive experience, as the school supplies are all over the place.  (Maria, did you trouble finding the scientific calculators? They’re way in the front by the registers.  Folders hidden all the way in the back).  Second, she’s buying the same stuff we are — Staples paper and Bic pens. Finally, Patrick looks refreshed in a crisp white shirt and blue checkered shorts, while Maria looks, well, mom-tired.  You know what I mean.  That exhausted mom look, with a little added  “my husband has a child with the housekeeper”  weariness.  And yet, she’s pushing Patrick.  And they’re both having fun.  In my book, she gets Mom of the Year for even getting school supplies after the summer she had. 

You remember Patrick, right? He’s Maria’s son with soon to be ex-husband Arnold Schwarzenegger, who famously tweeted when word leaked out about his parents’ divorce:  “small speed bump in life, luckily we own Hummers, we’ll cruise right over.”  Lately, Patrick’s been more serious about the breakup of his parent’s 25 year old marriage, telling People Magazine, “Everyone is doing really, really well.”  We’ll be be seeing a lot more of Patrick as his modeling career with L.A. Models is taking off.

Photo credit:  Pacific Coast News

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