Mariah Carey Happy To Have Baby Born In Diverse Times


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Mariah Carey Talks About Pregnancy

Mariah Carey recently opened up about her pregnancy and how happy she is that her baby will be born in such diverse times where having parents from different heritages is accepted.

Hear what the singing sensation had to say about having a baby in 2011 below.

She explains:

“Having Obama in office and bringing a child into the world at this point is totally different than me feeling like an outcast when I was growing up and not feeling like it was okay to be ethnically diverse, and I can’t believe that we have arrived at this point within society. I think it’s a little bit easier now because the world has changed just in terms of identifying yourself. That always felt like a strange thing to me as a child, not looking the same as your own mother of father was a very different thing back then.”

This is a very true statement and something to be celebrated! I am very excited to see what this baby or babies will look like! Are you?