Mariah Carey Interviewed by Children Services: Case Closed on Twin Mom's Drinking Rumors

nick cannon, mariah carey twins
Mariah Carey investigated by Children and Family Services

Mariah Carey was interviewed earlier by LA County Department of Children and Family Services workers to investigate the complaint that Mariah Carey drank beer in the hospital after giving birth to her twins.

The buzz is that Mariah Carey drank a Guinness beer after she gave birth last month. DCFS followed up on the complaint and were said to interview others in the home too.

While Nick Cannon said that claims that Mariah Carey drank after giving birth were completely false, sources reported that someone told Mariah if she drank dark beer it would help with breastfeeding.

Mariah Carey twins photos update!

After Child Services interviewed Mariah Carey they found there was no merit to the complaint and closed the case. They spent time with the family and “concluded the children were in a healthy and safe environment,” according to TMZ.

Gosh, was it really necessary to waste the DCFS resources on this case when there are more urgent child welfare issues?

Image: PRPhotos