Mariah Carey Is Done Having Babies: The Twins Will Be Enough For Her

mariah carey twins
Mariah Carey doesn't plan to give her twins any more siblings

Mariah Carey is due on May 11, though she could be having her twins any day now!  Some people want large families and some are content with smaller families.

For Mariah Carey, even though she has yet to have to deal with that new mom exhaustion, two babies will be enough for her!

She says that she’s had some difficult times during her pregnancy and wouldn’t want to go through that again.  Of course she says that it’s worth it to get her babies, just not worth it to go through again.

Mariah Carey is ready to be done with pregnancy.  I felt like that in the last month or so of each one of my pregnancies: that I was so exhausted and uncomfortable that I couldn’t imagine going through it again.

Time will tell if it’s just pregnancy hormones making Mariah Carey say she’s done having babies or if she really means it. Plus, we have to wonder what Nick Cannon thinks about that!

Photo: PRPhotos

Let’s hope to see Mariah and other star moms get on Babble’s next Smartest Celebrity Moms list!