Mariah Carey Might Be Replacing Jennifer Lopez On American Idol

Mariah Carey

Oh little lambs do I have news for you! It looks like Jennifer “I Won’t Say Anything Bad About Anyone” Lopez might be getting replaced by Mariah “The One And Only Diva” on American Idol. If you ask me, Mariah is like Paula Abdul, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera all rolled into one.

According to a source connected with the hit reality competition show, Mariah is in “serious talks” right now to replace J.Lo as the newest Idol judge. Steven Tyler had announced his resignation from the show today and as we all know, J.Lo is the next to go. On top of that, Randy Jackson might have more of a “mentoring role” on the show. So could this mean that we will see three new judges on the panel next year? Let’s hope so!

What do you think, would Mariah make a good judge? Actually, we all know the answer to that. She would be on fire!

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