Mariah Carey Paints Her Pregnant Belly Like an Easter Egg! (PHOTOS)


Mariah Carey Paints her belly again..

At least Mariah Carey is having fun with the whole being-pregnant thing. Over the weekend the singer and mom to be (of twins), painted her belly…again! She seems to have gotten into the groove of celebrating events with having some art applied to her ever growing belly. Last month for her 42nd birthday, Mariah had a big butterfly painted on there. This time? (See PHOTO here)

Mariah Carey Painted Her Belly AGAIN!

She had a blue egg-like oval painted on her belly with clouds and a blue and pink heart (signifying the baby boy and baby girl living inside her tummy. She tweeted the message along with the message:

“HAPPY EASTER! Ummm.. READY!!!!!!!!!!!! Done and done.”

Would you ever paint your pregnant belly? And would you tweet the photo?

(Photos – top from PR Photos –  Bottom from Twitter)

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