Mariah Carey Pulls Out the Glam & a Big Smile Even in the Face of Sadness

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has had quite a week, but she still can smile about it all. Last weekend she lost her good friend Whitney Houston and her husband Nick Cannon was hospitalized with blood clots in his lungs, and just last month he was hospitalized due to kidney problems.  But you would never know that she has been besieged by personal problems, she is totally from the school of “the show must go on.”

The diva was spotted leaving Good Morning America on Tuesday morning and looked every inch the super star that she is.

Check out photos of Mariah smiling for the fans and the cameras right here!

  • Mariah Carey 1 of 5
    Mariah Carey
    Looking glam, of course.
  • Diva! 2 of 5
    Such a diva pose!
  • Took Time for the Fans 3 of 5
    Took Time for the Fans
    Mariah stopped to chat, pose for photos and to sign autographs, she does love her fans.
  • The Crowd 4 of 5
    The Crowd
    And check out the crowd that came to greet her!
  • The Shoes 5 of 5
    The Shoes
    Mariah loves her heels! Here she wears a pair of high Christian Louboutins.