Mariah Carey Tweets Photo of Nick Cannon as Santa: But Check Out Her Room! (Photo)


Nick Cannon As Santa

Mariah Carey tweeted a cute photo of her hubby Nick Cannon saying, “Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout the good ol’ days! @NickCannon.” It’s a sweetpic. Nick is dressed up as Santa Claus, and really who doesn’t love a man in a Santa suit right?

But something else caught our eye in this photo. It wasn’t the jolly red outfit, it wasn’t his lack of a Santa beard what we found interesting was what was behind Nick Cannon.

Now, we are going to make a leap in judgment and assume that this photo was taken in Mariah and Nick’s home. And what did we see in the background of the photo? A wall of shoes in a variety of metallic hues in what we could be a ode to Mariah’s love of high heels. This is the woman who did a work out in heels for MTV’s Cribs, so this being part of her decorating aesthetic would not surprise us one bit. What do you think of shoes as art?

Image: Twitter