Mariah Carey Tweets Twin Photo: Mariah Carey Posts Baby Photo on Twitter

first mariah carey twins photo twitter tweet
Mariah Carey shares first twins photo on Twitter!

Finally! A Mariah Carey twin photo! Take a look at the first baby photo Mariah Carey posted on Twitter.

Mariah Carey took to Twitter to share just a glimpse of one of the twins, making mention of Monroe’s diva attitude at just 7 and a half weeks.

Mariah Carey tweeted the twin photo with the message: “#dembabiesruntings -This is baby Monroe saying “no pictures dahhhhling” at 7+1/2 weeks..oh dear :)”

So, yeah… not so much a look at Mariah Carey’s baby’s face, but rather a hand covering her face!

No matter, we’ll take it as our first glimpse at Mariah Carey’s twins.

A sweet little hand, at that… but wait! It looks like maybe a full head of very dark hair too? Baby Monroe is clearly hanging out in Mariah and Nick Cannon’s swanked out nursery (see photo!).

We’ll be awaiting more Mariah Carey twin photos… how about a sneak of Moroccan?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have talked about protecting the twins’ privacy, but we’re hoping baby photos come soon.