Mariah Carey Twins Photo: First Moroccan Baby Pic on Twitter!

Mariah Carey twins photo Nick Cannon Twitter Roc Rocky Roe Monroe
Mariah Carey's "Rocky" photo on Twitter

Mariah Carey twins photos have been in hot demand, but so far, we’ve just seen little girl Monroe’s hand in the camera, without a glimpse of much else.

Now Mariah Carey’s husband, Nick Cannon has tweeted the first baby pic of little Moroccan.

But don’t get too excited… it’s just his cute baby hand and a glimpse of jammies!

Nick Cannon took to Twitter to write: “Watching the fight with my family and my son is so focused! ROCKY CANNON future champ!”

Nick later tweeted Roc’s hand in a fist: “That’s a mean right!”

Mariah Carey retweeted the photo this morning for her adoring fans.

C’mon, Mariah and Nick, give your fans some photos of those sweet baby FACES!!!

Image: Nick Cannon Twitter

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