Mariah Carey Twins: Nick Cannon Talks Twins' Personalities: Monroe is a Diva! (Video)

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Mariah Carey twin personalities revealed!

Nick Cannon is dishing on his twins and how he and mama Mariah Carey are loving the parenting gig, now a little over a month since Monroe and Moroccan were born.

We may not have Mariah Carey twin photos yet, but at least we can get a glimpse into their personalities. (Look at photos of Mariah Carey’s twins’ nursery!)

Cannon tells Perez Hilton (video) that the little girl is like Mariah, while the boy seems to be more like Nick: “My son is definitely more like me. He’s chill, laid back … My daughter, that’s her mother’s child and she is like a diva … When she wants something she’s instantly crying. She’s going to be a little handful.”

Are we to believe that Mariah is a little handful too?

Cannon is super busy these days as America’s Got Talent is back in full swing, and he’s also working on his stand-up career.

With his many responsibilities, we’ve got to assume that Mariah has a team of nannies helping out, don’t you think?

Will Mariah be having more babies soon? Cannon jokes that he’s made “threats of getting [Mariah] pregnant,” but you know they’ve got their plates pretty darn full these days.


Image: PRPhotos

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