Mariah Carey Twins: Mariah Holds Having Two Babies Over Nick!

Mariah Carey twins photo
Mariah Carey twins - Monroe, anyway!

Mariah Carey’s twin photos are in scarce supply, but stories about Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s twins are always spinning.

The latest tidbit from papa Nick is that Mariah Carey holds the fact that she gave birth to twins over Nick, because, really, why wouldn’t a diva say that?

It’s the diva way!

(And, incidentally, I play the birth card once in awhile in our household too!)

At the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, Nick Cannon shared why we haven’t seen the twins out and about, saying, “The babies are only two months old now so they don’t get out much.”

As a jokester, Cannon said that he tells Mariah they should have more kids since they have two already. Her response? “She doesn’t think that’s funny,” Nick shares.

As for the diva stance, Nick says that Carey reminds him often that she gave birth to two kids: “No matter what is going on in the house that is what I always hear,” he said. “It’s ‘Do you know I just had twins?'”

Do you ever play the birth card?


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