Mariah Carey To Reveal: Pregnant Or Not

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Mariah Carey

Musical powerhouse Mariah Carey will most certainly reveal her baby bump in the upcoming weeks – if it even exists. The six-octave singer is set to embark on a full force promotional tour for her brand new Christmas album, Merry Christmas II You.

The album, set to release on November 2, will release its first single Oh, Santa on October 11 via radio play and online media.

She’ll be doing several TV appearances on shows like OprahThe Today ShowSNLThe ViewEllenThe Tonight Show, as well as bringing the house down on ABC’s Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade Special, NBC’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting special, and even her own Mariah Christmas Special, which will air on PBS.

She’ll be promoting her album all over brand new ads in all major daily and weekly publications. As to whether or not Mariah is, indeed, pregnant, we will finally get our answer. Keep your eyes peeled and start the bets now!

Who wants to bet she’ll demand to be filmed from the chest up?