Mariah Carey's HIV Positive And Estranged Sister Wants To Meet Her Twins

Mariah Carey

Oh holy cracker barrel. When I first came across the story in Britain’s The Sun newspaper, my first thought was “Mariah Carey has a sister?” and with my second being, “and she’s HIV positive?” Oh Mariah, you’ve got some explaining to do!

Alison Carey, who also worked as a “lady friend” so she could help take care of her baby sister Mariah while they were growing up, is now pleading for the mega pop star to give her a call so the two can finally meet and she can be introduced to her niece and nephew, Monroe and Moroccan. Mariah and Alison had a huge falling out back in 1994 over the custody of Alison’s then 7-year-old son Michael with Mariah severing ties with her sister since then.

Now, Alison, who lives in an outpatient care facility, is speaking up about her famous sister. She tells The Sun:

“I want to reach out to my sister and tell her how much I miss her and how proud I am that we are family. We may be apart now, and it has been many years since we last spoke. But to me, despite all the bad times and the arguments, she will always be my baby sister.”

“I still remember when she was a little girl — just as beautiful as she is now. It has been incredible watching Mariah grow and blossom into a successful, independent woman with the world at her feet. I cannot put into words how moved I was to see pictures of my niece and nephew for the first time. I saw photographs of them on the television just after they were born and I saw more when they turned one recently. They are absolutely adorable. And when I look into their eyes I see my sister’s eyes shining right back at me — the eyes I used to stare into when I would hold her as a baby. I am sure Mariah is going to be a fantastic mother and her husband Nick Cannon, who I’ve heard nothing but good things about, will be a great father.”

While I’m sure Mariah is in a lot of pain over the fact that she no longer speaks to her sister, do you think it’s right for Alison to go to the press with her plea to mend her relationship with her? What are your thoughts on this?