Mariah Yeater Caught Lying In Text Messages


mariah yeater, justin bieber
Mariah Yeater in a high school yearbook photo.

Mariah Yeater may or may not have dropped her paternity suit against Justin Bieber, but a set of released text messages have Yeater caught in her own lies.

Yeater’s ex-pal “John” has released a few text messages from Yeater with one demanding: “ERASE ALL MESSAGES from my mom.”

Then, Yeater begged “John” saying, “[John], would you please stress to Robbie how important it is for him to be in his son’s life?”

It seems like Trystan, her 4-month-old son, has a daddy named Robbie – not Justin Bieber!

But should we believe this “John” character? Proof in text format can always be tampered with. What do you think?

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Hollywood is no stranger to celebrity scandals!