Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby Mama Is Worst Liar Ever!

Mariah Yeater's yearbook photo.

Wow. This Mariah Yeater chick must be incredibly desperate for cash, and for 15 minutes of fame. Mariah is accusing Justin Bieber of being the father of her three-month old baby. She claims that they had a physical encounter backstage after one of his concert’s last year, and now she has filed a paternity suit against him.

Mariah gave an exclusive video interview to The Insider, and in addition to accusing Justin Bieber of being her baby daddy, she’s now insinuating that he may have forced himself on her.

You can view the video here and judge for yourself, but to me, Mariah Yeater appears to be the worst liar I’ve ever seen. She talks in this quiet, pathetic voice throughout the interview, and she seems to grow more and more nervous as she gets asked questions about the supposed encounter with Bieber.

She and her lawyers claim to have “credible” evidence that will hold up in court, though Mariah refused to say what that evidence is.

Maybe I will be proven wrong and somehow this kid will turn out to be Justin Bieber’s. But so far, I’m just not buying what Mariah Yeater is selling. Are you?