Mariah Yeaters Grandpa Talks Yeater-Bieber Baby, Says Its No Lie

Is there a Yeater-Bieber baby in there?

This just might send the Beliebers into a tizzy.  Mariah Yeater’s grandfather, Eddie Markhouse, is setting the record straight about his granddaughter and what actually happened the night she met Justin Bieber.

Grandpa Eddie spoke to Inside Edition and said that his granddaughter Mariah “doesn’t lie” and is an honest person with “a big heart.”

“I don’t know the whole story. But, from what I understood, she met him at a concert and he sent two security guards down off of the stage to bring her backstage to meet him,” Markhouse said. “She said they partied and had some drinks.  She’s basically an honest good person. She’s got a big heart. She’s a good kid and she loves this baby.”

20-year-old Yeater filed a lawsuit against the pint-sized Canadian, asking that he take a DNA test to confirm his paternity and to help pay child support.

Meanwhile, according to Star reporter Dylan Howard says Justin’s rep was mum when asked if the star is actually going to take a DNA test.

He told Inside Edition: “The next step in this is going to be fascinating. We have asked Justin Bieber’s rep whether he’s prepared to undergo a DNA test to prove that he is indeed not the father as he claims. His rep was quiet on that request. It’s now up to a court to decide whether they’re going to compel him to undergo that DNA test.”

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