Mariah's Extreme Post Pregnancy Goal


Funny guy Nick Cannon gave the skinny to UsWeekly on wife Mariah Carey’s post pregnancy fitness routine.  Mariah gave birth to the couple’s twins just four months ago. Now, Madam Butterfly means serious business when it comes to getting her pre-pregnancy body back. Not to worry though her sweet and very supportive hubby, Nick, insists that his wifey is doing everything the right way in order to drop the pounds. According to Nick, Mariah is determined to reach her goal by eating right and logging extra hours on the treadmill each day. Mariah has even taken her routine into the water, something her husband is not all that comfortable with! Nick is not a water guy.

 Want to know Mariah’s goal????

Nick says Mariah is aiming to get her 1990’s figure back, and he is confident that she will reach her goal. If though exercise and diet Mariah is able to naturally step back into her figure from the 90’s, she will certainly be my hero!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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