Marie McCormick Kruger Likes To Party With Her 17-Year-Old Daughter, Eliza

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Eliza Kruger hooked up with Mark Sanchez

And just when you thought it wouldn’t get any worse…talk about soap opera drama! The New York Post published a story this morning about 17-year-old Eliza Kruger’s mom, Marie McCormick Kruger.

Eliza Kruger claims to have had a short but intimate relationship with 24-year-old New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, and was almost in tears when New York Post reporters questioned her about Deadspin’s report in downtown Greenwich, Connecticut yesterday.

In the New York Post article, it is said by a source that (supposedly) knows Marie McCormick Kruger, that “Eliza has been going to clubs since she was 15, sometimes with her mom,”. The source also says that “A lot of the club guys in the city know her mom well.”

The article also discusses the bitter divorce between Eliza’s parents (Marie allegedly slept with Eliza’s rowing coach in the midst of trying to reconcile with Eliza’s dad), and paints the picture of a privileged, unruly upbringing of Eliza Kruger.

You can watch a video about what’s going on here.