Marie Osmond Adopting a Baby?

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Does Marie Osmond Want To Adopt?

Is Marie Osmond planning on adopting a baby with her new/old husband, Stephen Craig? The National Enquirer is reporting that the newlyweds are thinking of adding a child into the mix.

Stephen Craig was Marie Osmond’s first husband, and they recently got remarried on May 4th at the Las Vegas Mormon Temple. Marie even wore the same wedding dress that she had on when she first married Stephen, perhaps to lend even more significance to their union.

Marie is 51 and Stephen is 54, and supposedly a source says that she told a friend, “Steve and I want to have a child together.”

It’s no secret that pregnancy risks go up after a woman reaches the age of 35, so if Marie and Stephen were interested in adding a member to their family, it would make sense that they would consider adoption. The source says, “Marie remarked that she might be a bit too old to have one naturally, so she and Stephen had discussed adopting a newborn baby.”

The National Enquirer isn’t always the most reliable source, so we will just have to wait and see if there are any truth to these baby rumors!

Photo: Pacific Coast News


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