Marie Osmond's Son Not Using Drugs at Time of Death


Marie Osmond’s 18-year-old son, Michael Bryan was not using drugs at the time of his death, according to a coroner’s report that was released yesterday. The troubled teenager, was suffering from depression, and was having trouble at school and with a girlfriend. He had also attempted suicide on three other occasions, according to the report, as reported by People.
In the days leading up to his suicide, Bryan confided in several friends that he wasn’t feeling well. He also left a suicide note for one of his friends to discover, and texted her to let her know that he has left a letter for her in his apartment.

What a terribly sad story. I am wondering what it must be like for Marie Osmond to hear her son wasn’t using drugs at the time of his suicide, and that he seemed to be reaching out to several friends and letting them know how badly he was doing. Does it make it better to hear these things? Worse? I really have no idea. I do hope that Marie Osmond and her family, and the young people who knew her son, find peace now that all the official investigations and reports have concluded.


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