Marilu Henner: Talks Autobiographical Memory on The Early Show, 60 Minutes (Video)

marilu henner super autobiographical memory the early show 60 minutes video
Marilu Henner has super autobiographical memory

Marilu Henner is one of six people in the world with superior autobiographical memory, a gift of remembering… well, everything.

Marilu Henner’s autobiographical memory allows Henner to remember specific events, from the exciting to the mundane, with crystal clarity.

Marilu Henner and the other people identified as having superior autobiographical memory were highlighted on 60 Minutes, and Henner talks in this The Early Show interview video about her amazing memory.

Henner is able to remember the specific date she wore a certain pair of shoes, as well as remembering what day of the week a certain day in the past falls on.

Henner said her autobiographical memory is like the menu on a DVD she can dial back her memory to remember every day of her life precisely.

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