Mario Lopez- 2 Days Until Gia Turns One!


Extra! host Mario Lopez and girlfriend Courtney Mazza are getting ready for the big day — their daughter Gia turns one on Sunday!  Born on 9-11, Mario and Courtney are encouraging acts of charity in Gia’s name — but don’t worry, Baby Gia will be getting some great gifts too.  Number one on her list? (where Mario registered Gia) reveals the birthday girl will be getting Grand Camp Adventures -Here We Go! It’s a book and CD that takes children on adventures with their grandparents back in time to find treasures.

Mario and Courtney used to select gifts for Gia, and set up a way for family and friends to donate to a charity that means a lot to Mario.  Gifts can be made in Gia’s name to the Community Youth Athletic Center of Chula Vista, which helps at risk kids.  Mario graduated from Chula Vista High School. You can get more info at

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