Mario Lopez Won't Be "Too Creative" With Name


Don’t look for the name of Mario Lopez’s baby to be in a future installment of “Celebrity Baby Names: Where Do They Come From?” Because Lopez, host of America’s Best Dance Crew, recently announced his girlfriend Courtney Mazza is expecting and says “I like names that mean something. I don’t want to get too creative.”  Lopez and Mazza — seen here in West Hollywood earlier this month — don’t want to know the sex, so they’ll have double the trouble of picking one out.

Mario already good-naturedly chides Mazza about her name: “I always tease her because she’s 100 percent Italian, and I thought she would have some exotic name like Isabella or Francesca. And it’s Courtney,” jokes Lopez. “That’s what you get when you’re born in the ’80s.”

So they might have a hard time finding a name, but Lopez is giddy. “I am so excited. I’m fired up. I’m like a little kid waiting for Christmas.”