Mario Lopez Likes Surprises


Mario Lopez and his expectant girlfriend Courtney Mazza are going to do it the old-fashioned way.  I’m not talking about what style of birth they are choosing, but what they are not going to do: They don’t want to find out the sex of their baby beforehand.

“People are very upset that I’m not finding out what the sex is going to be,” the Extra host told Ellen Degeneres on her show which airs Friday. “I think that is one of life’s great surprises. I want to be, ‘Oh, it’s a girl’ and ‘Oh, it’s a boy.'”

Well, Lopez isn’t alone.  A 2007 Gallup poll asked that very question — would you want to find out the gender of your baby before birth — and the answer may surprise you.

About half of people overall indicated they would want to wait so the gender was a surprise.  The results varied depending on religion, whether the person already had a child and other factors. Read an overview here.