Mario Souleye Treadway: The Mystery Man and Father to Alanis Morissette's Baby

Alanis Morissette and husband Mario Treadway welcomed a baby on Christmas Day.

Mario Souleye Treadway and Alanis Morissette had their baby boy on Christmas Day. They named him Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway.

“You Oughta Know” who Alanis Morrissette is, but what do we know about the baby’s daddy, Mario?

1. Mario is 30 to Alanis’s 36.

2. He and Alanis have been married since this past May, though they met in October 2009.

3. He’s a rapper who likes to improvise his lyrics in the moment.

4. Souleye is reportedly an activist, speaking out about universal healthcare and the environment.

5.  Despite being married to Alanis Morissette and being a performer, Mario does not have a wikipedia page. He did for a short while, but it was only one line and was taken down.

Hmmm, a mystery man. But, they seem like they are happy together and are now building their family. Perhaps they will have more luck at making their relationship last than Alanis’s ex-fiance, Ryan Reynolds did.

Photo: PRPhotos

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