Marion and Tabitha Broderick Spotted in NYC! Plus 8 Top Baby Doll Strollers ( Photos)


The adorable twins of Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker… Marion and Tabitha Broderick enjoy a playdate in New York City. They are all full of smiles, strolling their baby doll strollers and what 3 year old wouldn’t love the chance!

The girls are wearing matching  cargo jackets and strollers. It is quite obvious that Marion will have Sarah Jessica Parker’s gorgeous curls and that Tabitha will take after her dad Mathew Broderick! Seeing these girls have so much fun with their strollers, I picked out 8 strollers your little one may enjoy!

  • Marion and Tabitha 1 of 11
    Marion and Tabitha
    These Girls are gonna be TROUBLE!!!
  • Tabitha 2 of 11
    Tabitha has the look of the next H&M kids catalog model!
  • Marion 3 of 11
    This sweet little girl has a playdate to get to with her bunny friend!
  • Simple Baby Dolle Stroller 4 of 11
    Simple Baby Dolle Stroller
  • The Ultimate Stroller Available In Pink and Blue 5 of 11
    The Ultimate Stroller Available In Pink and Blue
  • The Modern Stroller 6 of 11
    The Modern Stroller
    Playsam Childhood Stroller - Pink $69.99
  • Precious Pink Pram 7 of 11
    Precious Pink Pram
    Pink Rosebud 3-in-1 Doll Pram & Carrier $39.99
  • Good Ole’ Fashioned Pram 8 of 11
    Good Ole' Fashioned Pram
    English Style 3-in-1 Doll Pram, Carrier, and Stroller for 24 inch Dolls $32.99
  • GOT TWiNS? 9 of 11
    GOT TWiNS?
    Graco Twin Side By Side Doll Stroller $26.99
  • Tripplets? 10 of 11
    Triple Doll Stroller - Pink Polka Dot $39.99
  • Baby Carrying? 11 of 11
    Baby Carrying?
    Carry-Her 18 inch Doll Carrier $24.99

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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