Mariska Hargitay Discusses What It Means For a Child to Lose Their Mother


90708p5_hargitay_b-gr_11-1The death of your mother at any age is devastating, but it’s particularly tragic as a child. Mariska Hartigay, 46, lost her mother, legendary actress Jayne Mansfield, at the young age of 3-1/2 to an automobile accident. That’s about the same age as her son, August.  She offers some perspective on the heartbreak of losing a mother so soon in an interview with More magazine.

“Children, when they lose their mother, have a different antenna,” Mariska notes. “[They wonder] ‘When will I be safe? When will I be home?’ I lost my home too early.”

Hargitay also says she is open to having more children and that it is “in God’s hands.”  Read more excerpts from the interview here.

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