Marissa Jaret Winokur Parents, Dances Her Ass Off


marissa-jaret-winokur-dance-your-ass-off-oxygenDance Your Ass Off host Marissa Jaret Winokur was trying to lose 25 pounds by the time the show’s reunion aired on Oxygen tonight. Did she make it? I have no idea, I was busy eating Rice Krispy Treats right out of the pan. But the Tony Award winner would rather be taking a dip with baby Zev, anyways.

“I love swimming with him,” Winokur tells US magazine.  “I love going in the pool with him, where no one can call me. I can’t answer the cellphone, and I can’t get an e-mail. It’s really, really good private time where nothing can get in my way of just being alone with him. There’s nothing too important because when you’re in the pool, you have to give 100% attention.”

But that’s not to say the Hairspray actress has a leisurely life laying around on a raft all day. “I don’t remember what I did after 6:00, ever. I’m like ‘what did I do? What did I used to do?’…I don’t remember what it was like. It’s so hard juggling a baby and work.”