Mark Lester Will Be There For Michael Jackson's Kids



Much has been said about Michael Jackson today and many are wondering about the fate of his kids.  Who will get custody and what kind of life will they lead?

Mark Lester may have the answer to those questions. He was named godfather to the kids by the Michael jackson and wants to live up to the responsibilities that go with the title.

His reaction to the news about Michael’s death was devastation. “He was in such good form, such good spirits, so positive… He was looking forward to his concerts here in London… I’m just absolutely devastated. They’re (Jackson’s kids) the most fabulous kids and I will do anything… I’m here for them 24/7, so whatever they need, they’ve got from me. Michael was one of the best… He made me ashamed, he was such a good father.”

If Mark does get custody of the kids I hope they will be able to lead somewhat of a normal life. Their lives have been crazy thus far, and they need some stability which he may be able to provide.


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