Mark Madoff Took His Own Life: 2-Year-Old Son Was in Next Room!


Mark MadoffSuicide is a selfish act. The person who takes their own life not ends theirs but greatly affects those around them, their friends and family. This weekend Bernie Madoff’s son Mark Madoof committed suicide. His lawyer in a statement to the press said that Mark Madoff was “an innocent victim of his father’s monstrous crime who succumbed to two years of unrelenting pressure from false accusations and innuendo.”

The worst thing about this tragedy? Who was another innocent victim? His two-year-old son -who was asleep in the next room when Mark Madoff hung himself. So what happened…

On the anniversary of Bernard Madoff’s arrest – which happened two years ago his eldest son Mark Madoff hung himself a dog leash strung over an exposed pipe in the living room. The only other person at home? His 2-year-old son who was asleep in the next room. Mark Madoff was discovered by father-in-law after he and Mark’s wife got an email message before he committed suicide that someone should come check on their son.  His wife Stephanie was reportedly in Florida with their other son. She called her father to check in on them and that’s when Mark Madoff’s body was discovered.

The big question is, why would he kill himself when his completely helpless son was in the next room? Why not wait until he was alone?